In 2014 a little magic happened to little 16-year-old german Robert. My life evolved exponentially after I decided to move my two juicy buttocks for something called peace. I started to bicycle every Monday around 40km to Hannover and back to some as demonstration declared sit-ins. At first, I didn’t know what to do there and just watched and listened, got captured by the collective spirit of the people and I remained a loyal observer until I included myself somehow (Don’t ask me how I’ve done that). I’ve met many amazing people and got to take away many life-changing lessons. Especially the ones from 2 lovely fellows living in their own pinkish coloured-Dreamworld being on the brink of starting a vegan guerilla cuisine called Klugbeisser. I sneaked into that dream somehow…

From then one I got introduced into the vegan cuisine and my life as a vegan chef began. Starting with preparing Brunch every Sunday, over delivering caterings to being present at various festivals around the energetic city of Hannover, Germany. Always focusing on bringing delicious animal-free heavenly dishes in the tummies of all people.

After this most precious time, naive me decided it’s time to study, resulting in me signing up for Biology. Up until this day I don’t know who took a dump in my head. Nevertheless, this period of my life lasted just for one year. After that, I decided to go back to the crazy vegan & Artist community engaging in some projects. I got to know more crazy and awesome people, which inter alia led me building floating island made out of trash and made me fall in love with Berlin.

I have left my community in Germany to explore the world outside of my pinkish one, but crazy people never seem to leave me, they just keep turning up. Lucky me!  My intentional plan was to travel through Southeast-Asia, spending just one month in Thailand, but after just one week of exploring the beauty and diarrhea of Thailand, I got stuck in Chiang Rai where I am now working with an NGO called OCN Thailand to improve child right and health development in Northern Thailand up to this day. When I’ve got free time I visit other humanitarian projects nearby or I eat. Actually, I eat most of the time. Except when I sleep, I dream about eating then (It’s mostly rice and vegetables). Looks like I am going to be here until the end of the year before I start building Islands again. This time in India!! Stay tuned and let’s grow together

Want to learn more about myself before getting in contact? This CV is made just for you! 

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